Bee Products

Celtic Woodsmith, are a fresh and vibrant family business. We are proud to be able to say that everything that we offer
on our website is handcrafted by us, in the hills of North Wales.

Brian and Vivienne Dacre are real hands on company owners; Brian’s first passion is cabinetmaking. Designing and
producing furniture inspired by the Arts & Crafts and Shaker movements, each created with a contemporary twist.

As an enthusiastic beekeeper, Brian wanted to combine his two passions. So that now we are producing a range
of handcrafted beehives, investing the same skills and motivation used in creating our furniture. Our hives are
constructed from close-grained, low knot ratio Canadian Western Red Cedar. This gives you the confidence to know, that the
beekeeping products that you buy from us, will provide you with many years of maintenance free service.

Our commitment to quality extends to all aspects of what we do, especially when it comes to customer care. And we
hope that you will soon become one of our valued customers.

Our new website is still in the making so please be sure to come back and visit us soon.

Or why not give us a call on 01244 360002 or drop us an eMail at